TPC is a well-established electrical company with a strong emphasis on project management. For over a decade, we have been providing end to end management of electrical and HVAC projects in the high end residential and commercial sectors.

We have grown from a single team entity, to now comprise three operational departments. These being large projects, service works and minor works, supported by a management and a co-ordination team. We currently service all major cities and regional areas throughout NSW.

Our comprehensive service offering includes design, automation, HVAC, green energy solutions, service, maintenance, testing and commissioning.


At TPC we build partnerships with the high-end construction industry by providing technical advice, reverse engineering, innovative design, and project management from concept to completion, ensuring clients return on investment.



We have created an Internal safety committee, ensuring that all work methodologies take on-board all industry standards as well as ergonomically correct safety procedures.

Providing a safe environment for our staff, our customers and their friends and families is a primary mission for all of us at TPC.

We will endeavour to eliminate unsafe conditions and minimise related risks by identifying and supporting safe work practices, promoting safety awareness, furnishing necessary tools and protective equipment, and providing associate training and education.

We work together to protect our customers, ourselves and each other by promoting a culture of shared responsibility with collaborative program development and the open exchange of suggestions, ideas and concerns.

Our safety mission benefits us all by minimising exposures, reducing injuries, preventing property damage and enhancing the environment at TPC.

How do we achieve this?

  • Help to formulate and disseminate policies, practices and procedures that promote health and safety.
  • Consult with our Safety Officer on any proposed or actual changes in health and safety policies, practices and procedures proposed by the Committee.
  • Assist management in the planning of action on WHS. This includes helping to set priorities to control hazards.
  • Act as a problem­ solving group to help with the identification and control of hazards.
  • Help to resolve health and safety issues.


We strongly believe and encourage in team work, not only in the delivery of projects, but also in the generating of all ideas, improving the work environment for all staff. All challenges and successes are faced and shared as a team.


We understand that the best outcome is made from the concern of creating the best plan first. Then next, the concern for the best implementation of the plan which will achieve the desired outcome. In other words, we are looking for the best effort, at each step.


TPC identifies that technology is here to allow and capture the circulation of information throughout the business. We heavily lean on it to deliver more complex projects and to ensure performance tracking and project forecasting throughout the company. Managing career progression of staff and training programmes in a consistent manner has been facilitated by the use of software applications.


We are constantly thriving for improvement and documentation of processes and procedures. The constant search of capturing the best methodologies and execution of task and project is always at the forefront of our thoughts. Not being scared of quitting good habits to adopt great habits.


At TPC, we recognise that we only attract the best staff if all is preconceived around taking care of them, which will allow each team member to only focus on the best outcome for each given task. TPC talks about outcome and the big picture which will switch on their light bulb to make the best option obvious. We trust the best judgement of our staff and support them to deliver our promise to our clients. We have internal training programs to develop versatility of our staff in our areas of expertise as well as around team and project management.